Mission statement

Mission Statement

The Children in War Memorial

 “The Children in War Memorial” is a charity which has been inaugurated for the purpose of erecting an international monument  dedicated to children  who have been affected by  war and conflict throughout the ages.

 This will be conveyed by a sculpture designed and created by Maurice Blik, a renowned artist who, as a child, was incarcerated during WW2.

 Our aim is to install a work of art which is significant and timeless, to be located at a busy metropolitan location, such as within the City of London, where the footfall is greatest, thereby maximising public awareness.

 Finance will be raised by appeals from charitable trusts, educational bodies, lottery funding, as well as private, corporate and public donations.

Primary endorsement has been granted by the Research Centre for War Child Studies at the University of Reading.


About childreninwarmemorial

Honorary Secretary of the Children in War Memorial project committee
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2 Responses to Mission statement

  1. Martin Parsons says:

    This is a great idea and long overdue. There ought to be some recognition of children who have suffered from the effects of the many wars that have taken place in the 20th Century, and in some cases still do

  2. Derek Bailey says:

    It is Mothers Day today here in the USA and I was very moved by the photo of the Maurice Blik sculpture. I was an wartime evacuee in England in WW2 and my family was irreparably broken by the events of the war. I would hope that the public would support the efforts of the organization behind this challenging goal of creating and locating this memorial.

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